About us

“’Jungle” is the center for cultural and social participation in Amsterdam. The Jungle is a symbol of the most beautiful type of nature we have on this earth. It is the final piece if pure nature, partly untouched, fully the lungs of the world, but also endangered by human actions.

By socially cooperating in creating a sustainable, more justifiable world, in which the jungle and all other valuable territories can be preserved is what “”Jungle Amsterdam’’ wants to strive for. We do so by creating a meeting place for persons, who, full of energy and through creative ideas willing to contribute to a world of space and respect for every individual. It is a center in which organizing and interested parties can meet and be informed of exciting new developments. A place for people to experience that sustainability and social responsibility involvement are anything but boring. New initiatives, on the contrary, attract creative minds, innovative artists, intelligent participants, students en all who feel involved in creating a sustainable positive world.



Our mission

The Jungle Amsterdam aims to contribute to establishing a livable, sustainable and equitable world, for both now and future generations, by stimulating awareness and active involvement from world citizens.

Our vision

In an attractive environment where people enjoy being, we want to offer a stage for artists and socially involved organizations to share their ideas and creations with a broad audience and by doing so implementing a process of awareness and promoting critical reflection.

In this process, culture serves as both initiator and catalyst of developments in the society. Whenever changes are about to occur in society, artists and creative minds usually are the first to observe these changes and transfer them to a wider audience.

Socially involved organizations and small companies are asked to share their visions, new developments, and innovations with audiences thereby contributing to processes of growth and awareness. In this, we seek for small scale and practical solutions for social issues.

This creative platform unites people, in indiscriminate of education, background, age and other irrelevant categories. In the end, it is positive creativity which brings all these people together creating a sustainable improvement of society.


Jungle Amsterdam is a project of Stichting Scarabee

For more information see:  https://stichtingscarabee.nl/