About us

“’Jungle” is the center for cultural and social participation in Amsterdam. The Jungle is a symbol of the most beautiful type of nature we have on this earth. It is the final piece if pure nature, partly untouched, fully the lungs of the world, but also endangered by human actions.

By socially cooperating in creating a sustainable, more justifiable world, in which the jungle and all other valuable territories can be preserved is what “”Jungle Amsterdam’’ wants to strive for. We do so by creating a meeting place for persons, who, full of energy and through creative ideas willing to contribute to a world of space and respect for every individual. It is a center in which organizing and interested parties can meet and be informed of exciting new developments. A place for people to experience that sustainability and social responsibility involvement are anything but boring. New initiatives, on the contrary, attract creative minds, innovative artists, intelligent participants, students en all who feel involved in creating a sustainable positive world.



Our mission

Jungle aims to transform the Amsterdam East region to become the most excellent sustainable region of Amsterdam, a city quarter in which sustainability is bottom-up supported and which gives genuine attention to the social aspects of sustainability.

Our vision

It is our goal to enable and offer everybody a chance to participate in a sustainable world. We provide advice, support, facilitate various target groups in East Amsterdam to implement sustainability as part of their life-styles. Jungle Amsterdam is a bottom-up organization emanating from specific questions from its inhabitants. Jungle Amsterdam is a knowledge and information center for every person who whishes to progress, but not yet knows how. We supply objective information, expose problems, create connections, offer chances and possibilities and propose realistic solutions. We furthermore support community projects,
connect initiatives and seek active cooperation with those others who equally aspire a sustainable community. Simultaneously we also try to involve those others who are not yet actively committed to the need for sustainability. Jungle Amsterdam enables this through organizing meetings, actions, information evenings, and info consultation points of contact. We provide these practical working examples within our Jungle location, as well as outside in the surrounding neighborhood.


Jungle Amsterdam is a project of Stichting Scarabee

For more information see:  https://stichtingscarabee.nl/