Datum: tot 23:00
Entree: gratis

Drivers of human induced extinction – Discussie programma


If extinctions have been rule in the past, extinctions are certainly a rule today. With extinction rates

possibly exceeding 100 times the baseline rates of non-human eras, as deduced by paleontologists from

fossil records, we can assure ourselves that humans play a major role in today’s so called ‘6th mass

extinction event’ in Earth’s history (the 5th event meaning the end of the dinosaurs – and the rise of the

mammals). Many drivers lay at the foundation of this current mass extinction event, including

climate change, land-use change, poaching, and deliberate or accidental introduction of non-native

species into fragile environments. In this session we will go into some of these drivers with experts from Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden. This session is part of the UvA honours Course ‘Extinction’ but is open for all who are interested in the topic.

 Gasten :  Marco Roos is doing research on plant diversity & biogeography. Bert Hoeksema works on marine diversity and coral ecosystems. Both are senior experts at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden.

O.l.v. : Bertus Tulleners & Joris Buis (Instituut voor Interdisciplinaire Studies, UvA).