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On Sunday May 26th, we welcome Jeff Halper and Rania Madi to discuss this issue at the Jungle Theatre in Amsterdam. Jeff and Rania will discuss the "one state solution" and argue for why this is the only feasible outcome of 71 years of conflict and occupation. They will also discuss the evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as the current situation on the ground.

Jeff Halper has lived in Israel since 1973 and has been an activist for Palestinian rights since. He is educated as an anthropologist but mostly known as an author, activist and lecturer. In 1997, he was the co-founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and he is still active for the organization regularly giving tours informing people of the reality on the ground. Jeff was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work "to build equality between Palestinians and Israelis by recognizing and celebrating their common humanity." Jeff supported the two state model until 2012 but since has come to the realization that the one state reality no longer allows for such a solution. In the context of one state Jeff is a proponent of a binational state model. Jeff is married, father of three children and a grandfather to three grandchildren. Jeff lives in West-Jerusalem.

Rana Madi is the United Nations Legal Advocacy Representative of BADIL, the Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights. Rania has developed and delivered BADIL’s advocacy strategy and positions at the EU, the UN and UN agencies, preparing submitting and presenting policy briefs and reports with human rights organisations, coalitions, and networks. She coordinates with Palestinian human rights organisations for the UN Human Rights Council, organizes panels and side events relevant to the agenda of the Human Rights Council sessions. Rania also does consultancy for the Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons and is the BADIL representative to the UNHCR and UNRWA. In March 2016, Rania submitted BADIL's report of investigations after the war of Gaza 2014 to the International Criminal Court and defended the report.

FFIPP Europe is an educational network for human rights in Israel/Palestine. It is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization, comprised of international students and faculties, working in solidarity for a complete end of occupation and just peace in the region.

The network is expanded throughout the world including chapters in Brazil, Canada, USA and Europe, including France (Bordeaux, Grenoble and Paris), Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK and Italy. One of FFIPP's main objectives, is to raise awareness locally through our various international chapters based on student experiences on the ground. This is why, this year, FFIPP Europe is organising a Speaking Tour!

The Speaking Tour will start in Bordeaux, on May 22, continue in Grenoble on May 23, and Paris on May 24 and finally conclude in Amsterdam on May 26.  We hope to see you there!