Datum: tot 22:00
Entree: gratis

As part of an Honours course at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, UvA and VU students become familiar with Extinction. This is a relevant exercise in a time that has already been named "The Sixth Extinction". Today, in an open panel discussion, they will get in touch with non governmental organisations that try to conserve nature, restore landscapes and work to reduce human impact on the environment. Speakers from the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the world's largest conservation organization, and from Commonland, an international foundation that realizes large-scale landscape restoration, will share their vision and how they approach our present challenges.

Voor het honoursvak Extinction verkennen UvA en VU studenten samen wat de voornaamste drijfveren zijn van het uitsterven van soorten. Een relevante oefening in een tijd die ook wel de zesde massa-extinctie genoemd wordt.